Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

SmileThe Olympic Peninsula Humane Society (OPHS), an open admission shelter, is dedicated to maintaining and improving the health and well being of all surrendered, lost, abandoned, neglected and abused companion animals of Clallam County. The OPHS  serves as a conduit for helping lost animals reunite with their owners, as well as helping adoptable animals find new owners. Promotion of responsible animal ownership and devotion to population control in the form of spay and neuter programs for shelter animals, as well as spay and neuter financial assistance programs for the public, is a high priority for the OPHS. Additionally, the OPHS is in support of the enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and promotion of proper legislation to assist in the just enforcement of all cruelty laws in Clallam County. The OPHS does not believe in  euthanizing healthy and adoptable animals due to lack of space or length of time at the shelter. Therefore, every effort possible is made to ensure that healthy and adoptable animals will temporarily and securely reside at the shelter, or in foster care until they are adopted or transferred to a partner rescue agency. Furthermore, if an animal should come to us sick or injured, every reasonable effort will be made to seek and carry out proper medical treatment for that animal and monitor their recovery until they are ready for adoption or transfer to a partner rescue agency. Euthanasia at the OPHS will be reserved as a last resort to relieve suffering for the untreatably ill or injured and for very aggressive animals.