Baby Girl

Baby GirlName: Baby Girl
Age: 15 years old
Breed: Gray tabby
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: Incredible marbled grey eyes, a sweet disposition and a soft fur coat comes with this gray tabby named Baby Girl. She knows her name and responds when spoken to. She’ll rub against your hand and even share a little drool when she really gets into the rubs. She’s just a delicate, senior kitty that’s always gentle, mostly mellow and never aggressive. She’s lived with adults and children and other cats. Baby Girl is declawed, has only lived indoors and must remain indoors for her own safety. Although she’s shy at first and timid around other cats, Baby Girl just needs a little loving affection to coax her out of her coyness. She responds well with people and likes having human companionship near her. Baby Girl is 15 years old and came from a household with other cats and should blend well in an existing cat household as long as they have a welcoming-nature and accepting personality. But what Baby Girl would really love is a human companion who will love, adore and dote on her for the rest of her life. Beautiful Baby Girl is a sweet kitty who just needs you in her life. Her endearing eyes tell you so.

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