BrabiBrabi is not the same cat she was when she first arrived. It look a bit of time, some extra attention and plenty of loving, but she’s finally come around to be more accepting of people and the companionship they offer. A slow approach at first and a soft touch helps reassure Brabi that you are her friend. Then she’ll let you pet her and stroke her and love on her even though she’s always on the alert. Oddly enough, she almost prefers to be touched from her back first instead of her head but I meeting her at her needs is the best approach. Brabi has made great strides. She is usually curious to her environment and alert to watch any action going on. Brabi is about 2 years old and arrived as a trapped stray cat. That might explain her apprehension for human contact. However, she has accepted nail trims without too much fuss. Not many house cats are that cooperative so we know Brabi has greatly improved from when she first arrived. You can meet Brabi in the cat cubby room where she is mingling with other cats.

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