General Questions

General Questions

Q. I don’t support euthanasia, so how can I support you?

A. Until we achieve a balance by having a home for every dog and cat, humane euthanasia will inevitably occur-somewhere. Euthanasia is not the fault of shelters. The fault lies with people who do not support spay and neuter or practice responsible pet ownership. As long as there are owners who abuse or neglect animals, who casually discard animals, or who allow unaltered pets to run free, there will be dedicated, compassionate shelter workers performing humane euthanasia.

We do not believe in euthanizing healthy and adoptable animals due to lack of space or the length of time they’ve been at the shelter. Euthanasia is reserved as a last resort to relieve suffering for the untreatably ill or injured and for very aggressive animals.

Q. Is the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society a “no-kill” shelter?

A. No. We are a low-kill shelter which means that euthanasia is reserved as a last resort to relieve suffering for the untreatably ill or injured and for very aggressive animals. We receive approximately 2,000 animals annually and we do not turn away any animal regardless of breed, health or temperament.

While “no kill” is a popular phrase in today’s animal welfare environment, its use is misleading. Shelters that call themselves “no kill” limit the quantity of animals entering their doors. Some of these limited admission shelters close their doors to admissions when their kennels are full, others charge high surrender fees to keep those who can’t afford the cost from surrendering their animals, and some only accept highly adoptable pets, leaving the hard to adopt animals behind. This method does not provide a community-wide solution to the pet overpopulation problem and simply pushes the difficult to adopt or unadoptable animals to other area shelters.

Q. How can I make a donation to help the animals in your care?

A. Click here to make a secure online donation or you can print out a donation form and mail or fax it to us.

Q. Can I rent a trap from OPHS to catch a stray cat?

A. Yes. If there’s a stray cat in your yard, you may rent a humane cat trap from us. Traps are available at the shelter for a $75 refundable deposit and a fee of $5 per day. Please call the shelter at (360) 457-8206 for more information.

Q. I found a raccoon under my porch, can you help me?

A. Any question regarding wildlife should be directed to Fish and Wildlife at (360) 452-3394.

Q. What should I do if I have knowledge of an animal that is being abused or neglected?

A. If you live in the county, please call Animal Control at (360) 417-2259. If you live in the City of Sequim, call the police at (360) 683-7227 and if you live in the City of Port Angeles, call the police at (360) 452-4545.    .

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