Surrendering your Pet

Q. Will you charge me if I have to surrender my pet to the Humane Society?

A. We do not charge a fee for surrendering an animal, however, we appreciate your donation to help care for the animal you are surrendering and the others at the shelter.

Q. What will happen to my pet if I bring it to the shelter?

A. If your pet is healthy and adoptable, it will be placed for adoption once it is given a physical exam. If it is ill or has behavioral issues, we will do what we can to treat it and then put it up for adoption.

Q. Will you euthanize my pet if it is not adopted in a certain number of days?

A. No. We do not euthanize healthy, adoptable animals for length of time they’ve been at the shelter or for space.

Q. Can I bring my pet’s favorite toys and/or bed if I surrender it?

A. Yes. We do everything we can to make your pet comfortable while it is at the shelter.

Q. Can I find out if my pet has been adopted?

A. Yes. Just give us a call and we’ll give you the status of your pet.