Fat Cat

Name: Fat Cat
Age: 3 1/2 years
Breed: Siamese, Lynx Point
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: Can you say photogenic? Fat Cat may be of large girth but she struts around proud and confident because she knows she is a beautiful cat. She is friendly toward all; that’s everyone big and small, even strangers. She’s even good with dogs; large and small. Fat Cat has a great purr and she likes to be petted and willingly gravitates toward your lap to spend time there. She doesn’t mind being cuddly with you when she’s not sleeping or roaming about. Fat Cat likes to sleep all day and hunt at night and that’s why she likes having an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. But being rather fearless, she needs a safe outdoor environment. Even though Fat Cat is a rather active cat, her diet needs to be monitored so she doesn’t put on more weight than she already has. Fat Cat has a unique blend of Lynx Point Siamese and orange tabby marking. She has light blue eyes and small points on the tips of her ears. This stout cat is wonderfully gorgeous and wonderfully friendly. She will make a cat person very happy, says her previous owner

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