Surrendering a Pet

If you are considering surrendering your pet based on behavioral issues such as excessive chewing, jumping on people, difficult to housebreak, excessive barking, to name a few, we can refer you to local trainers who may be able to help.

If you must surrender your pet, we will ask you to complete a biography about the animal to help make it more adoptable. The more information you can give us about your pet, the better.

Many people are concerned about what will happen to their pet if they surrender it to the shelter. Although there are times when we must euthanize an animal because of ill health or behavioral issues, our goal is always to find another home for each animal we take in. At times we transfer animals to other rescues or shelters in more populated areas to improve their chances for adoption.

We also ask that you consider making a donation to the Humane Society to help cover the costs associated with caring for your pet.