Name: Jonesy
Age: Adult
Breed: Chocolate Point Siamese
Reason for being at shelter:
Description: Jonesy looks like grumpy cat and sometimes can be that way, at first. But he yearns for human contact and affection most of the time. The shelter environment just has him a little unsettled and he can come across as ornery. Approach Jonesy with love and gentleness and he will respond accordingly. He just needs to trust you before he wants to be petted or approached. Guess he likes to be the one in control of his situation. Once you pet him, he’ll even drool to show his gratitude then he kneads his paws and rolls onto his side in surrender. Joneys likes to Likes to perch in high places to survey his cat kingdom. Jonesy is a handsome cat with sort of a flat, pudgy face and light blue eyes along with a stern look. He may be unhappy about his current circumstances and a bit fussy at time but will transform well in a home environment. The more time you spend with Jonesy, the more you will like him and the more he will like you.

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