Kitty Kitty

Kitty Kitty is a beautiful all-white cat with a pink nose and light colored eyes with a yellow and green blend. She’s lived an indoor life of her 14 years and is a scaredy cat of the outdoors. She’d appreciate an indoor perch to just watch the outdoors. She’s even okay with the ability to wander onto a porch in a safe setting but otherwise, needs to be an indoor cat. Kitty Kitty has only lived withadults and would fit best into another adult home. She requires a clean litter box to keep her cat box use on proper schedule. She appreciates being petted but is somewhat of an independent cat and probably won’t be a lap cat regular. All the same, she will make a fine feline companion to a loving and devoted adopter in an adult home setting. Kitty Kitty is spayed and a very healthy 14 year old cat.

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