Name: Lana
Age: Young adult
Breed: Calico
Reason for being at shelter: Trapped
Description: Lana is learning the benefits of human interaction and is appreciating their contact more and more every day. Lana was trapped and brought into the shelter so her tendencies leaned toward being super-scared and nervous and she presented herself somewhat feral. But she’s not feral like first suspected; just frightened and needed to adapt to the idea of being caged (for now). She doesn’t like aggressive touch or sudden movements and may swat at you if she feels threatened or is over-stimulated. But she means no harm; she’s just experiencing adjustment and socialization growing pains. Now she likes being petted gently and assuredly but not aggressively. She responds with a good purr and rolls onto her side while you pet her chin or cheeks. Lana is making great strides of improvement. She is a beautiful Calico and a young adult cat that should fit well into an indoor/outdoor arrangement. But with more socialization, she’ll come around and may become a great household companion, too. There is sweetness within her and a yearning for true companionship with people but is still recommended for experienced cat people and not young children

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