Name: Maddie
Age: About 13 years
Breed: Persian mix
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: Flat and round may describe a lady’s compact but it also describes the face of Maddie, the Persian mix cat. She is expressive even without emitting a meow. One look of her face almost tells you what she might be thinking. And sometimes, she is thinking, “I just want to play.” For being a cat of senior age, Maddie sure has spunk left in her for playtime. She especially likes to beat up strings toys of any kind. It must help relieve tension. But what tension could there be from a lazy and mature older cat, right? Maddie is interactive with people and likes to be petted. Thought being older, can be a little fussy-minded now and then but that’s only derived from not being in a home environment yet. Maddie would be a terrific fit into an adult home.

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