OPHS Proposes Bylaw Change

The following proposal will be voted on at a special members’ meeting on Thursday, September 25, 2014. The meeting will take place at noon in the Carver Room of the Port Angeles Library.

PROPOSAL: Change OPHS from “Member-Based” to “Donor-Based”                                        Organization


  In order to streamline the operation of the OPHS Board (in keeping with most animal welfare organizations and other non-profits), OPHS would  no longer have members (voting or otherwise).

  At the suggestion of the Executive Director, making OPHS a donor-based organization will relieve the staff and Board of a great deal of extra work required to maintain “membership” records, levels of contributions, notification of meetings etc. This extra work costs time and money which can be better spent on animal welfare.

  Very few members actually attend the regular or annual meetings and it is felt most people who become “members” think of their dues as a donation rather than as prerequisite to involvement in the workings of the organization.

  Further, eliminating membership in OPHS will also afford the Board the opportunity to bring on qualified new Board members throughout the year instead of just once a year at the Annual meeting. This capability  will help maintain the continuity of a strong and viable Board by staggering terms of service.

  As a public entity, regular meetings of the Board are always and will continue to be open to the public.All meeting notices will be posted on the OPHS website and on the OPHS Facebook page. 

**In the sections below, words appearing in RED indicate wording to be removed or changed. Words appearing in GREEN indicate possible revised wording to be voted upon. 


Olympic Peninsula Humane Society Bylaws

(Ratified by Membership September 27, 2010) 




Section 4.1. Admission to membership:Terms of admission to paid membership and s categories of membership shall be as follows:

a.Officers and Directors: Officers and Directors shall be deemed members by virtue of such offices. Each Officer and Director shall have one vote.

I. Society Membership Categories:

  1. Junior (under 18, non-voting)

Children upon reaching the age of 18 years are no longer eligible for inclusion on a “family membership”.  Upon reaching the age of 18 years, they will be eligible for membership under the same terms and conditions as any other applicant.

  1. Senior (62+, 1 vote)
  2. Individual (1 vote)
  3. Couples/Family (maximum 2 votes)
  4. Business/Organization (1 vote)
  5. Life Membership -2 categories

       a)      Individuals (1 vote)

       b)      Couples     (2 votes) 

c. Honorary Members: Honorary members may be elected by the Board under such policies as the Board may establish. Each honorary member shall have one vote. Honorary membership shall be granted for eminent service and requires a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Payment of dues shall be waived.

d.Humane Society Employees: All full time employees shall be granted membership during employment and until termination of employment.  Employee members shall not be required to pay dues. Each full time employee shall have one vote.

e.Annual Dues: A resolution of the Board shall specify the annual dues, where appropriate, for each category of membership. Members shall pay dues in an amount set for each membership category by the Board of Directors.  A membership application form shall be made available. Membership dues may be prorated. Membership dues are not refundable.

f. Term of Memberships: Memberships shall be for the current calendar year and shall be renewable annually thereafter. Memberships shall be from January 1 through December 31.

g. Payment of Memorials or Unspecified monies: For purposes of membership, memorials shall not constitute the payment of dues.  Unspecified monies shall be accepted as donations only.

h. Delinquent Dues: Renewal dues are considered delinquent after 60 days following the start of the calendar year. After 60 days, membership will be forfeited until payment is received.  Membership will be re-instated on the date payment is received.

i. Membership Rights: Membership rights include, but are not limited, to the following: All members shall have the right to attend Board meetings, provide input on issues affecting the Society, serve on committees established by the Board, and otherwise, in a manner determined by the Board, provide support for Society programs and activities.  Members shall not be involved in the day-to-day management or affairs of the Society except in an advisory capacity as set forth herein. 

Section4.2. Appeals regarding denial and/or forfeiture of membership: Any person refused membership or suspended from membership in the Society may appeal such rejection or suspension to the Board of Directors.  Such notice of appeal must reach the Society Secretary at least twenty days before the regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The Board shall decide the issue as provided under the current version of Robert’s Rules of Order.  The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final. 

Section 4.3. Members access to Society records: Members are entitled to have reasonable access to information concerning the deliberations of the Board of Directors in order to determine whether the Society is being properly administered. Minutes of Executive and Small Board meetings are confidential and shall not be released without a 2/3 (twothirds) majority vote of the Board.  Cost of inspecting or copying shall be borne by such member except the costs for copies of the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws.  Any such member must have a purpose for inspection reasonably related to membership interests.  Use and/or copying of the membership list, volunteer list or donor list for any purpose other than Society business is prohibited. The sale to or sharing of the membership list, volunteer list or donor list with other organizations is prohibited. Any member found by the Board of Directors to have used or contributed to the use of the membership lists, volunteer list or donor list for any purposes other than Society related business shall be suspended from membership for one year. 

 (Proposed) Entire Article removed as there will no longer be any “Members” 

If passed, all references to members throughout the remaining document will be removed and the document updated to make it grammatically correct.

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