Name: Roxy
Age: About 7 years old
Breed: Buff and White, Domestic Medium Hair
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: Her high-pitched meow is unmistakable. You’ll know when Roxy is in the room and asking for a little attention; her distinctive meow gives her away. With a loving cat that Roxy is, you can’t help but respond. Roxy is super-friendly and very affectionate and just loves being with people and chatting them up, too. She loves being brushed and she’ll look quite gorgeous with her silky, long fur freshly groomed. Roxy lived adults and other female cats so should adjust well into an existing female household. She’s good around small dogs but NOT large dogs or male cats and has only lived indoors. Roxy has a calm demeanor but still likes to play; especially with string toys. Roxy is a real sweet cat who instantly makes friends

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