Name: Squirrel
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Mitted gray tabby
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: He has a spunk and spice side to his personality but remains generally friendly and interactive. He has a funny mannerism of making growly sort of noises when he eats. He must be saying he prefers to eat alone. Squirrel has a good purr and will engage with people but being somewhat independent, he doesn’t always like being picked up and can be ornery about it. He had a mischievous-looking face but he’ll love you anyway. He’s good with adults and kids and previously lived with a male cat but dogs are NOT allowed in the Squirrel’s house. Squirrel must have dominion over his kingdom and it must be a cat-dominated kingdom. His previous owner says that Squirrel is a very intelligent cat and a good protector cat, too. Looking at him from the front, he appears to be broad-chested and a little bowlegged like a bulldog. Guess he’s taken on that guard dog mentality just disguised as a cat. He’s lived an indoor/outdoor life (but please be sure he knows where home is before he’s allowed outdoors). Squirrel has a fairly calm nature but since he doesn’t like dogs, the sound of barking dogs at the shelter is straining his temperament. A home environment will aid Squirrel is getting his testy attitude to disappear. Check out this mitted gray tabby who will be your guardian and friend

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