Name: Andre’
Age: 16 years old
Breed: Domestic short hair – gray
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: Andre’ and Stuart are a bonded pair; senior cats who are wonderful together and will be a calm addition to any home. They are gentle, mellow, of no fuss and never aggressive. They will lounge the day away and soak in the warm on a sunny perch, wander a safe yard or curl up in your lap for respite. Andre’, the gray or Andre’, the Great; whatever nickname you want to use; he’s just a terrific old boy. Stuart is the tabby and got his name as a kitten because he was small like Stuart Little. He’s little no longer. Andre’ and Stuart have lived with adults. They fear dogs so CANNOT be adopted into a home with dogs. They love their catnip and kitty treats and each other and cuddle together. They have been indoor/outdoor cats. Even though they are good mousers, those duties should not be imposed now since they are in their senior years. These boys need to be adopted together as they are a bonded pair since they were young and need their buddy by their side.

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