Black & White Tuxedo and Mitted Orange Tabby Kittens

Black & White Tuxedo and Mitted Orange Tabby KittensName: Unnamed
Age: About 4 months old
Breed: Domestic short hair, Black and white Tuxedo, Mitted orange tabby
Reason for being at shelter: Stray
Description: These two are a couple of dear kittens that didn’t get the socialization that most young kittens get. They were rescued as strays and appear to have had limited human contact. The male (orange tabby and white) is braver and more curious to connect with people and offers a silent meow greeting. He has a wonderfully strong purr motor and loves to share his rumbling purr when petted. The female (black and white) is more reserved and tentative and you have to be the one to approach her. She is just cautious (maybe wiser) in learning to trust first before fully surrendering herself to people. Both are gentle when handled, just uncertain about it. The male likes to be petted more than the femalBlack & White Tuxedo and Mitted Orange Tabby Kittense but neither of them like being held. However, that could change with a person willing to devote the time, love and patience to work with them to better socialize them. These two are just over 4 months of age.

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