Blackie (in foster)Blackie is a tiny black cat with giant golden eyes. She has little facial features and is just small and petite in about every way. She can be bashful, at first, because of all the noise, but she is friendly when approached and talked to and she appreciates the friendship of people. She will offer a good purr when being petted and is gentle when being handled. She is about 3 or 4 years of age.

Little Miss Blackie is currently in a foster home where she is flourishing. All it took to take away her shyness was to introduce her back into a home environment. She is very well-mannered and dainty in her ways. She doesn’t create disaster or harm; she just moves about the house with a curious nature and is exploring new worlds within her foster home. Little Miss Blackie has progressed quickly to the point of taking naps on the bed and developing an interest in being a lap cat. She even has come to accept belly rubs. How’s that for settling in and making herself at home. Little Miss Blackie would do well in a rather quiet household and allowed her the time to adjust to her new home. Contact the shelter about the opportunity to meet Blackie.

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