Name: Chelsea
Age: About 1 year
Breed: Gray Tabby
Reason for being at shelter: Stray
Description: Chelsea is a very timid kitty. She was a trapped stray and is inclined to being distrustful of strangers and sometimes noise. She’s taking her time in getting comfortable in her new temporary environment but shows signs of improvement every day because her curiosity can’t let things go without notice. Chelsea will require an experienced cat owner to continue to work with her. She has great potential and does warm up some to gentle petting but will easily retreat afterward or swat at you but in a harmless way; she’s not aggressive, she just wants you to back off because she’s fearful. Chelsea can be lured out of her coyness by kitty treats and wet food. Chelsea might be a good barn cat candidate. She is not a good fit for young children or a chaotic household. She needs some socialization work but for the right adopter, she will advance into a friendlier kitty. She is awfully cute though and yearns to learn, grow and change.

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