Name: Cisco
Age: About 4 years
Breed: Domestic short hair – Smoke Tabby
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: Always friendly, unusually calm and very relaxed well describes this smoke-colored cat named Cisco. He just hangs out as if all is okay with the world no matter where he’s at. Cisco likes people and easily makes new friends. He’s curious even to meet strangers. Cisco also likes lap time and will settle in for a long snuggle and nap if you have the time. There are times he’s even bounding about in play mode so bring the right toy for proper motivation. Cisco is a very handsome boy. He has an arthritic or injured back leg (it doesn’t bend easily) but it doesn’t hinder his mobility. However, it does affect his mobility in the litter box. He cannot bend his leg to squat and therefore either needs a tall-sided litter box or a over-sized covered box to maneuver inside of to keep waste properly contained. This is a manageable issue because Cisco is such a great adult cat otherwise and should fit well into any household

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