CrackerCracker is a 2-year-old gal who has lived in a calm household with an older woman. She’s on the smaller side of medium, with a black coat and 4 white paws and a white belly. Cracker is looking for a quite household, with no rowdy kids, where she will be appreciated for the gentle loving she has to offer. She’s a sweet girl who will make someone a very nice and quiet companion. She just so wants to make friends with calm and mature people who will appreciate your more independent nature. She likes having her face and cheeks rubbed. We’ve learned that she also loves to play and she has some of the quickest paws around. So have some fun getting Cracker wound up in play and watch her spin about; she can spin on a dime. Cracker has only lived indoors, uses her scratching post and loves her pet mouse toy. Are you ready to make new friends with a kitty named Cracker?

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