Benefits of a New Shelter

What Will the New Shelter Offer?

The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society has already purchased and paid for a 9-acre parcel on Old Olympic Highway to house the new facility. The site is ideally located between Sequim and Port Angeles and is easily accessible from Old Olympic Highway.

The west side of the property features a stand of old growth trees with walking paths already cut through them. This will provide dog walkers and dogs a beautiful, peaceful setting for exercise.

Initially, the existing modular buildings will be used to house cats, veterinary services and administration. Being able to separate cats into different housing units will help ensure their good physical and mental health.

The four existing structures on the property will work for everything but caring for the dogs. Prior to moving, a new facility to house the dogs must be built along with much of the infrastructure including a parking lot, septic system. The new dog facility will feature indoor/outdoor kennels, plus a state-of-the-art ventilation and air exchange system to help decrease the spread of airborne illnesses and reduce odors.

The site also includes plenty of room to house farm animals ranging from chickens to cows, goats and horses.

On top of all of the benefits a new facility will offer our animals, it will also provide a much more pleasant experience for the community from people dropping off animals to potential adopters and volunteers.

 Why support OPHS?

The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society is the only open door shelter on the Olympic Peninsula. This means that we take in any animal brought to us no matter its age, health or behavior. Once we bring in an animal, we do everything we can to re-home it. Often this is through adoptions at the shelter or by transferring the animal to a partner shelter in a more populated area.

Our euthanasia rate has held steady at 7% for the last two years, a significant accomplishment for any shelter. We do not euthanize healthy, adoptable animals due to lack of space or the length of time they’ve been at the shelter. We use euthanasia only as a last resort to relieve suffering for untreatably ill, injured or very aggressive animals.

We exist to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of all surrendered, lost, abandoned, neglected and abused companion animals in Clallam County. We are not an enforcement agency, rather we provide the shelter, compassion and love homeless animals need.

Future Benefits of a New Facility

The move from our current 2-acre site to the 9+ acres on Old Olympic Highway, allows the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society to expand services to the residents of Clallam County. We are currently housed in a 2,500-square-foot building that is not sufficient for animals, staff, volunteers and potential adopters. We are able to provide minimal services, however, the new site allows us to dream big and to become a significant resource for animal welfare across the Olympic Peninsula.

Some of the ideas for the future are below.

  • Potential to provide free/reduced cost spay and neuter surgery to the community. We currently provide low income spays and neuters and ask the recipient to pay a portion of the surgery unless we receive donations specifically for spay/neuter surgery. Ideally in the future we’ll not only be able to provide the surgery on site, we’ll also raise enough money to underwrite the full cost.
  •  Provide free/reduced cost vaccine and microchip clinics on a routine basis.
  •  Ability to utilize the pole barn for community dog training classes and specific classes for pit bull owners, for instance.
  •  Large adoption events with other area animal rescue groups
  •  Educational and volunteer opportunities for school kids/service clubs (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts) at the shelter. Invite schools to tour the facility and provide lessons about the importance of spay/neuter, being a good pet owner etc.
  •  Income producing efforts could include a retail area with pet supplies, a grooming facility on site, a thrift store etc.

Immediate Benefits of a New Facility

  • Ability to expand opportunities for volunteers
  •  Ability to house large animals (horses and other farm animals) on site. Currently, we must find a foster home immediately for large animals that are seized or surrendered.
  •  Pleasant adoption areas to allow potential adopter and the animal a quiet place to interact.
  •  More convenient location. The new facility will be centrally located between Sequim and Port Angeles, potentially increasing the numbers of adoptions and volunteers.
  •  Larger exercise areas will be beneficial for the dogs. Beautiful, peaceful walking trails will be beneficial for dogs and dog walkers
  •  Indoor/outdoor kennels will allow dogs to choose whether they are inside our outside during the day and give them more room
  •  Overall the animals will have much better housing, we’ll have a grooming/bathing area for them and more room for exercise and training
  •  Dedicated veterinary structure better equipped for surgery and spay/neuter and other procedures
  •  Dedicated evaluation/examination room, isolation area for sick or aggressive animals
  •  Large pole barn will be used for storage initially
  •  State-of-the-art ventilation and air exchange system, particularly in the cat areas will help decrease the spread of airborne illness and reduce the odor
  •  Everyone benefits from the new facility: animals, staff, volunteers and the general public.
  •  Plenty of area for expansion as it becomes necessary.