Elsie and Jack

Name: Elsie and Jack
Age: 5 years old
Breed: Domestic short hair – Black and white, Tuxedo
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: Elsie and Jack; the Tuxedo duo, you could call them. They are wonderful cats but frightened and definitely stressed in their temporary digs and would benefit in being adopted quickly. Their  history with their previous owners is fantastic with top ratings in all categories. They are only here because their owners moved and couldn’t take them with them. They are indoor cats and lived in an adult home. They are good with other cats and kittens. Neither of them have any bad habits and are just friendly, sweet, loveable and cuddly lap cats. They also like to play. Elsie loves his brother Jack and they are quite bonded. They often cuddle with each other and Elsie will sleep under the blankets. Elsie is Jack’s teddy bear or security blanket and the two have been close their entire lives. Jack (with the black chin) likes to play with catnip and he’s extremely affectionate. This duo are wonderful adult siblings who desire to stay together;

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