Name: Endora
Age: About 1 1/2 years old
Breed: Tuxedo, Black and white, Domestic short hair
Reason for being at shelter: Stray
Description: Endora is friendly and likes to be held and petted. She is affectionate and offers a soft purr if you hold her close to hear it. She is good with a nail trim and seems always gentle with people. Endora will take advantage of your inattentiveness is you leave her cage door open and will scoot about venturing without fear. She is calm and self-assured and doesn’t seem frightened of anything. She is just your friendly, gentle, sweet, curious and pretty Tuxedo girl with a natural smile on her muzzle. Endora is an all-around good-natured young cat. She is missing some fur on her lower half of her body which may have been a reaction to fleas. It will quickly grow back now that she’s been treated for this issue. (Endora arrived with Jonah and the two should make a compatible pair if you are looking for a good cat duo.)

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