Name: Gingerome
Age: About 5 years
Breed: Orange tabby, Bobtail, Domestic short hair
Reason for being at shelter: Stray
Description: Gingerome is still coming out of his shell and improves every day the more contact he gets. The other cats in the “cat cubby” are even helping to improve his social skills. They are teaching him to relax and to get more accustomed to just being about when people are in the room. They have quickly taught him how to appreciate wet food; that wasn’t hard. But if startled, Gingerome goes back to his hiding place where he seeks solace until calm has returned. Gingerome is timid-natured and he easily gets nervous and is unsure about how to act with people; all in due time that can change. Gingerome needs a kind and patient person to help him become more of a regular cat. Being adopted into an existing cat household where the other cat is friendly, will encourage him to be display more normal characteristics. You just never know how much improvement Gingerome can make given the right person and the right circumstances to help him grow.

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