Name: Homer
Breed(s): Blue Tick Hound
Age: Just about 1 year old
Weight: About 80 lbs
Reason for being at shelter: Surrender — can’t contain
General info: Homer is such a neat boy! He is friendly, social, fun and happy! Homer has a neurological condition that causes him to be a bit wobbly and uncoordinated. He also appears to be mostly deaf, and his sight is not perfect… So, he may not be any good for a hunting dog, but he will be a great companion!
Homer loves to spend time with people, and he loves to play with other friendly dogs. Homer does really well on walks, and he can even run with a dog handler even though he has his neurologic condition. However, he is a hound, so he will run off and follow his nose of he doesn’t have a fence to contain him (that’s why his previous owner had to bring him in). We are working with Homer on housetraining and his other “life skills” so he can be a good pet. However, he might be suited best for an outside home just as long as he is NOT TIED UP (he would likely hurt himself)!
Adoption fee (includes spay/neuter, microchip, rabies vaccine, and a health check from a vet): $120

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