Kitty Bitty

Kitty Bitty is an outgoing and loving cat that honestly acts more like a dog sometimes, according to the folks who recently took care of this wandering stray cat. She begs for food and wants snuggles as much as possible. She will follow you around on occasion, as well. They said she is the sweetest cat they’ve known. She adores being able to sit on a perch in order to look out the window and watch the outside world. Kitty Bitty loves attention from people. She is friendly, likes to be held, is cuddly and loves her lap time. That works well because she’s a good napper, too. She loves to be scratched on her head and purrs softly in response. She interacts wonderfully with people of any kind; adults, kids and even strangers but is not good with large dogs. Kitty Bitty is a mellow and fairly calm 8-year old kitty.

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