LeoName: Leo
Age: About 2 or 3 years old
Breed: Brown Tabby
Reason for being at shelter: Owner couldn’t keep
Description: Leo is a brown tabby with dark bulls-eye markings on either side of his body and light green eyes. He’s a very mellow dude and quite a friendly cat as well. He’s most comfortable being an indoor and outdoor cat and will use the outdoors for his litter box, given the opportunity. He’s lived with both large and small dogs but is better with large dogs. Leo is best with adults, even strangers but not small kids. That is more so the case because Leo recently suffered a fractured pelvis and doesn’t like being picked up or contorted in an uncomfortable or painful position. That seems obvious. He is on the mend but shouldn’t be picked up and should be allowed to get on your lap at his choosing. Leo is a tough and hardy cat considering what he’s gone through. All in all, Leo is a friendly, mellow and generally lazy cat.

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