Name: Maggie
Age: 8 years old
Breed: Domestic short hair – gray
Reason for being at shelter: Owner surrender
Description: This mousey-gray girl with big ears likes to be petted and will stand up on her back legs to reach your hand to get it. She’s very interactive and likes people attention. She’s all-gray with copper-colored eyes. Her meow is soft spoken and subdued, much like her personality. Maggie is an indoor cat and is good with adults but not male cats or kittens. She loves to be entertained by laser pointers or batting around small balls. She sometimes likes to be held but is more adept at being a lap cat. Maggie is unaggressive and mellow and pretty much a laid-back cat except for some play time. Maggie’s original owner became ill and could no longer care for her. She was adopted but recently returned because the male cat in the house didn’t like her. So even though Maggie originally came in with another cat, it’s best she be adopted out as the lone cat for the house; that will make everyone in the household happy.

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