Magi will bath any cat that will let him and sometimes, even cats that won’t let him. He just has the instinct to not only keep himself clean but everyone else as well. You will find him mingling with the other cats in the cubby and snuggling with them also. It’s only logical that Magi would do well in an existing cat household. Actually he really needs to be in a house with other cats as he bonds well with all cats and needs them for his cat companionship. Believe it or not, Magi even likes dogs (mild-mannered and cat-friendly ones). For people folk, you will capture Magi’s heart through play. He cannot resist the tossing of a toy. He could probably play all day long if you had the toys to do it with, in between his naps. Magi came in very shy but now has come out of his shell. He enjoys being rubbed and will climb onto your lap but only when he gets to know and trust you. He is now about a year old and neutered. Magi has grown into a wonderful little kitty. (Magi, pronounced Maagi, like doggy).

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