Rascal, Friz, Melvin

Rascal, Friz and MelvinName: Rascal, Friz and Melvin
Age: 11 weeks
Breed: Tortoiseshell and Black, Domestic medium and short hair
Reason for being at shelter: Stray
Description: This trio of 11 week old kittens each has their own personality. Rascal (Tortoiseshell) seems to be the ring leader of the bunch and the instigator of play. She’s possessive of her toys and even growls to keep a play mouse in her possession and away from the other kittens. She is lively, spunky and determined to be the rowdy one. Friz is cuteness personified. He’s a little puff ball and very sweet in personality and just seems to go along with the flow of things and he likes to play with Rascal. Melvin is the most subdued of the bunch but a sweetheart in his own realm. It takes a little more interaction and coaxing to win him over and once you do, you have a devoted feline friend that yearns for more contact. Come pick your favorite

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